What is a Signature Selling Experience?

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Woman sitting of sofa looking at her designer thinking "She gets me."

During your appointments, is your client thinking this?

Do prospective customers feel like you “get them?”  Do they trust your brand?  Do you deliver an experience that transforms homes, or do you sell products?  If you want to increase your sales, do some soul-searching to answer these questions honestly, then read on.  Before I outline the 5 Cornerstones of a Signature Experience and guide you in making them the foundation of every appointment, let’s define a “Signature Experience” and discuss why creating one for your clients is important for a thriving business.

You’re not a big brand but can deliver a big brand experience.

Raise your hand if your business is an established household name with all the benefiting loyalty and trust that big brands enjoy.  I’m not talking about the products you sell.  I mean YOU.  Your business.   Anyone with their hand up?  Though it’s doubtful yours is the name everyone knows, you can develop your own brand loyalty and guide clients to know you, like you, and trust you like well-established businesses many times your size, IF (and it’s a big if) you provide something I call an “I get you” Signature Experience.

Humans appreciate the feeling of being seen.  I’m sure you’ve experienced meeting someone for the first time and immediately felt the two of you clicked like you both “get” each other.  It feels like they are your kind of person.

It’s like that with businesses, too.

A business knows its target customer, and a target customer knows when they’ve found their business.  Once my husband stepped into a Roger Dunn Golf Shop with all the hands-on, try-me-first clubs, grips, golf bags, and related apparel, he never looked back.  The feeling of finding my happy place was at a Whole Foods Market. The beautifully composed store is like a work of art with vibrant colors! It is clean and fresh.  Everything is arranged to inspire creativity (and unplanned purchases). Among the apples in the produce section, I relished the fall scents.  The varietals were a visual delight with perfectly upturned faces and stems just right. Nearby, I found small-batch artisan caramels, a video on making caramel apples, and decorative sticks for dipping. Gift bags and ribbons are also within reach. Apple dipping project in the cart, I vowed to move on.  But how could I resist the Emile Henry fluted pie plates, the serving ware, and the fruit pie recipes that channel my inner Ina Garten?

The whole experience had me SOLD.

When the experience is elevated, we happily pay more.

Businesses do this on purpose.  In my circle, friends may refer to it as Whole Paycheck, but that doesn’t stop them from calling me to say they saw something with “My name written all over it” while shopping there. That’s because my friends get me.  Whole Foods gets me, too.  I am their target customer, and I gladly pay a premium for their signature experience when I want to prepare something special for my friends and family.

You can create customer loyalty like this in your business.

A signature experience refers to a unique and defining activity, event, or encounter closely associated with a particular person, place, organization, brand, or community.  For example, if you own a Jeep, as two of our children do, I bet you know the Jeep Wave that binds this community of adventurers.  It is their own symbolic, two-finger greeting, used to acknowledge one another on the road as part of the experience of owning a Jeep.  Starbucks provides another example of a signature experience.  When you stop in for a cup of the warm, brown liquid of your choice, you’ll also experience jaunty music, the aroma of freshly ground beans, industrial décor, hip vibe, and free Wi-Fi that are all part of why Fourbucks inspires brand loyalty and can charge a premium for their coffee.  It’s not about the product; many places sell good coffee for less, and many vehicles are priced lower than Jeep.  It’s about the feelings a person experiences when interacting with these brands.

A signature experience is exceptional and memorable.

For example, when you check into a DoubleTree Hotel, the check-in process is like every other hotel.  They locate your reservation, confirm your identity, capture your credit card, and while you wait for your key, you hope they will provide a bottle of water.  But, at the DoubleTree, there is a difference.  It sets itself apart from others.  You are presented with your room key, water, AND a chocolate chip cookie!  Baked on-site, still warm, and smelling delicious.  You stand there smiling, feeling surprised and delighted.

The experience of receiving the cookie leaves a lasting impression.  It was intentional and carefully crafted, requiring forethought and planning.  If you were to peek around the corner, behind the front desk printers, files, and copy machine, you would also find the hotel has invested in convection ovens and refrigerators to hold fresh cookie dough.  The staff is trained in how and when to produce the signature treat, and the whole process is part of the company handbook and culture because this business knows its guests are delighted by the unexpected touch.   Freshly baked cookies create a strong sense of recognition and differentiation for their business.  Cookies are a big part of DoubleTree Hotel’s signature experience.  So, how do you create something unique and defining for your brand?

Learn how to deliver what I call a Five-Star Signature Experience.

Learn to create a Five Star Signature Experience for your business

In the next blog post, I’ll show you how.

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