Transforming Design Sales from Traditional to Modern

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Transforming Design Sales from Traditional to Modern

Our current business landscape demands a new approach to selling.  The pandemic is over, and days of overflowing projects and desperate clients are gone. Leads are more scarce and expensive. Even with window treatment and design projects still on the table, customers no longer rush to make purchases. Instead, they say, “Let me think about it and get back to you.”  Too many times, they don’t.

Can we fix this? YES!

It’s time to overhaul our sales tactics if we want to keep growing. I’ll cut to the chase.  Most businesses nowadays are stuck in a rut using traditional sales tactics that are beyond their shelf life. Yes, I really just said that out loud.  The pandemic forced us into some speedy routines like rushed interactions and straight-to-the-point appointments for safety purposes. But let’s not forget that quality connections and trust-building take time, especially when it comes to selling high-end custom products. So, before we keep rushing ahead, let’s consider the cost of sacrificing these crucial elements.

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Traditional transactional sales? So last season. Customers have spoken and they’re done with it. In today’s world, buyers want to work with trustworthy professionals, not pushy salespeople. Maybe we rethink our methods because in trying to be efficient, we may be reinforcing outdated habits that customers are running from.

Salespeople have gotten a bad rap, but it’s time to change that. Let’s play a little game. I say “salesman,” and you tell me what comes to mind. You’re probably thinking of some outdated stereotypes: the sleazy, pushy guy in an ill-fitting suit who talks too fast and tries to swindle you. But let’s not dwell on those tired cliches; most sales professionals these days are legit and work hard at their jobs.

Sick of being stereotyped as a salesperson? Join the club. It’s practically ingrained in our culture to view sellers with suspicion and skepticism. And, as you know, every business needs sales to survive. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take a hard look at your own attitudes and actions before blaming external factors for your struggles.

Your business thrives on sales, but consumers are more guarded than ever. Good news: The slick-suited reps responsible for this mess have retired. Today’s sellers are professional and respectable, so why is the stigma of pushy tactics still sticking around?

Traditional Salesman on the Move

He’s a master of quick assessments, persuasive product presentations and quoting prices. He knows how to crush objections using killer tactics learned in the trenches. And with a resounding “SOLD!” he moves on to his next victim.

But in today’s world, we’re not all about arm-twisting and hard sells anymore. In this fast-paced world, we take pride in finding hacks and shortcuts for saving time, but not at the expense of people. An obsession with efficiency may be hindering us if we’re hearing clients say things like, “Thanks, but I need some time to think.” So, what do you do? While they’re thinking, you text, email, leave messages … still nothing but crickets chirping back at you.  That’s when you know it’s time for a change.

Modern Sales Mastery Course Info
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Provide your client with a ReCEPT experience that is Relaxed, Connected, Engaging, Personalized, and Transformational.

Sales Sage, Modern Style

Successful salespeople understand that initial interactions with clients can be distant and reserved. However, by fostering a friendly relationship throughout the sales process, their chances of confirming a sale significantly increase.

That’s where ReCEPT comes in—it reminds you to take your time and provide your client with a Relaxed, Connected, Engaging, Personalized, and Transformational experience. When your sales process includes a Signature Experience like this, you create relaxed, receptive clients rather than the resistance found in traditional sales situations.

Now, let’s dive into how modern sales have evolved from old-fashioned transactional methods and why adopting these new techniques will benefit you greatly.

The Sales Transformation Customers Expect in Today’s Businesses:

  • The one-sided sales pitch has developed into a two-sided collaboration.
  • “Me” oriented is now “we” oriented.
  • Persuasion has advanced to exceptional communication.
  • What was a win/lose contest has become a win/win service.
  • Selling is done for someone rather than to them.
  • Canned scripts have transitioned to a more flexible approach.
  • The hunter instinct has evolved into a helping instinct.
  • ABC (Always Be Closing) has morphed into ABH (Always Be Helping).
  • The CON artist is now the PROfessional.
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Buyers flock to Modern Sales Professionals

Buyers Flock to Modern Sales Experts

Awesome news for you! But only if you ditch transactional sales and level up your skills. Clients these days crave a partnership, not a lecture. They want clarity, not chaos when making choices. Give them just enough info to make the perfect decision without any pushy sales tactics or time constraints. You unlock your inner “Yes Magnet” potential by slowing down.

Don’t just make acquaintances; create ReCEPTive friends who will keep coming back for more of the elevated experience you provide. You don’t need more leads to sell more. With this modern approach to business growth that focuses on selling transformations rather than products, you may even be able to cut down on appointments and boost client satisfaction.

Remember: A haven is not just an object; it’s a feeling. Forget the old image of aggressive, smooth-talking salespeople. Today’s modern sales pros are all about empathy and putting others first. They prioritize building genuine connections instead of just making a quick buck. By constantly learning and adapting, they create sales encounters that spark real change—leading to even more success in an ever-changing market.

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