You want your sales to grow, and you’re not hearing YES as often as you’d like.  (Umm, wouldn’t we all like more YES in our life?)

Just jump!

Consider this:  Sales = Change.  Your clients are always uncomfortable when you present your offer because it feels risky to change.  There’s an undeniable problem with this.  Change – even good change – can be uncomfortable, and our natural tendency is to put it off and even avoid it altogether.  Helping your client get to YES is a good thing because we know they’ll like it there.

This is where my Summer Lifeguard story comes in. What if just getting comfortable enough with being uncomfortable was all it took to remove procrastination and unleash boldness? Getting comfortably uncomfortable IS a thing—and the truth is, it’s necessary if you want to hear YES at the end of your appointments.

Do you remember the first time you jumped off a high dive into a deep pool?  This story is relevant to helping clients jump, so grab some sunscreen and settle in.

Summer after fifth grade… The two large pools at the high school by my house were open just for younger kids two days a week. It was sweet relief from the southern California heat, and I was all in!  We mostly flocked to the Shallow Pool, five feet was plenty for cooling off.

But I had a fascination with the Deep Pool. Not just to slip in, swim across, and back; I knew how to do that. I was eyeing the high diving board. I’d watched some daredevils venture up, and I wanted in the club. In my charming Chatty Kathy way, I’d let my aspirations be known to pretty much anyone who would listen.  I was talk, talk, talk, but no jump just yet. Good thing lifeguards were paid to listen.

Finally, I gathered the courage.  “Today’s the day!”  Still sweaty from the bike ride over, heart racing, a jumble of 10-year-old excitement and angst, I walked right past all the kids in the shallow pool, climbed the ladder, and inched my way out.

Let’s just say it was a LOT HIGHER from up here than it looked from down there!

It was a LOT HIGHER from up here!

The cool, deep waters sparkled below, beckoning.

One of the lifeguards watched me protectively, my hair tucked under the required swim cap, nose freckled from the sun. I bit my lip, bravado gone. I inched out. The board bounced with each timid step. The railing still within reach, I stopped, frozen.

That’s when the lifeguard became MY lifeguard

In retrospect, I see the kindness in what he did next.  He walked so he stood even with where I would land and said quietly, “You can do it. Don’t think about it. Just take three more steps to the edge and jump. One, two, three, jump. You’ve wanted to do it for weeks. It’s worth it. I think you’ll like it.”

It was the reassurance I needed, and I jumped.  It wasn’t comfortable – not one bit comfortable!  But he helped me get comfortably uncomfortable enough to jump, and he was right. I did like it, and it WAS worth it.


Sales = Change

At its most basic level, your role is to help your clients embrace the change needed to move from their current situation to something different. From nervously teetering on the high dive of a design project to enjoying the refreshment of an inviting home.

When a client makes an appointment, something about their home doesn’t feel right, and they need help transforming it into their haven. Like me on the diving board, they’ve signaled they think they’re ready for a transformation.  But savvy (and kind) sales professionals know there’s a scary space between thinking and doing. We don’t like things that feel risky.

Here’s something I’ve learned: It pays to help your client feel safe jumping into change. In fact, it’s the ONLY way to a thriving business. This is your opportunity to stand out, and there are three things you can do to increase the likelihood they will take action and BUY.

First, have empathy.  It took an act of courage for your client to even consider inviting you into their home. Everyone avoids salespeople, and design is intimidating. Like my summer lifeguard walking to the side of the pool, clients appreciate gestures that signal you understand what they are afraid of and that it’s ok to let down their guard and trust you.

Second, purposefully take it slow and easy. Use the appointment’s opening to ensure both of you are connected and relaxed. Encourage the client to tell you about their home and family. The extra time you invest upfront to create connection will save you time in the long run because your client will be more receptive to your guidance when you make recommendations.

And last, but not least, make it easy to say YES.  One. Two. Three. Jump. The problem with being an expert on many different products and solutions (like you are!) is the tendency to overwhelm the client with waaaaay too many details. We do this in an attempt to justify price, but it always backfires. TMI leads to confusion and hesitation. Make it easy to say YES.

For things to be different, your client needs to jump. Don’t leave them hesitating on the high dive. “Let me think about it and get back to you” will not get anyone what they want.

Empathy, encouragement, and clear direction unleash boldness. They are the things that will help your client get comfortably uncomfortable enough with change to buy your solution.

What are you waiting for… Jump!  (Click here to consider jumping into my Modern Sales Mastery course)  You’ll love the cool, refreshing feeling of YES!

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