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For intelligent entrepreneurs who want more YES and less NO
without pushy gimmicks.

People who work with me enjoy clients that actually pay for ideas and products. They learn to sell transformations rather than products in a straightforward, compelling way. They become wise guides who provide a powerful, resonant experience clients can’t resist. They help clients (and themselves) get what is really wanted… Problem solved = better life! They know the secret sauce. They have the delicious difference. They are irresistible!

Why connect and learn from me? “Because you want to thrive and be successful doing work you love.”

Who I Am

And why I do what I do

I’m Kathy Cragg Pace, and I teach modern sales for people who hate “salesy” people, which is pretty much all of us, right?

My specialty is Elevated Design Sales specifically for those those who sell home improvement and décor products, ideas and services. Over the years, for 1000+ individuals and teams, I’ve empowered those with a desire to learn – rookie and experienced – equipping them to sell more by providing an irresistible selling experience. I can help you, too.

Years ago, newly married and establishing a new home, I took a risk that transformed my life. I left my job, borrowed against our house and bought a franchise. Parlaying design and sales with a proven business system turned out to be a good idea with a long-term career payoff. First, I built and led an award-winning design franchise, then used the same skills as a co-owner of real estate and custom home-building companies and my own independent design business. Later, I worked in much larger businesses, first as the VP for a North American network of large and small independent window covering business owners and then led a nationwide retail team of in-home design professionals. Though I love everything about beautifully designed homes, my specialty is SALES. Design related sales. I help pros elevate the design sales experience so that sales dollars follow naturally.

I once overheard someone talking about me at work. “She’s a sage… a guru of design sales.” Crazy, right?! But, upon reflection, (as sages are known to do), I saw that in my decades-long career, every one of my experiences demanded sales to keep things moving and prosper. So did my income! I know, through the school of hard knocks, that you can’t save your way to success in business; you must sell your way there. I’ve felt the stress you feel to close a sale. Had the same disappointments and frustrations when clients didn’t buy, and, in leading large sales teams, heard every reason under the sun why ‘this won’t work’ or ‘my clients are different’. But the sage knows… once you have the secret sauce, you’ll discover it will and they aren’t.

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My passionate purpose

The word SALES has a bad rap, but you can be the delicious difference. There is a way to sell more that doesn’t involve being salesy. I call it Modern Sales, and I’m on a mission to change the way buyers and sellers experience design related purchases. My tips, training and best practices, gleaned over the years, backed by science and validated in the field, will guide you, one transformation at a time, to help clients stop hesitating and buy from you so they can finally experience transformation. After all, everyone wants a comfortable, inviting home. When a client contacts you with a project, it’s because something doesn’t feel right in their home. Close the sale, transform the room, and everything changes for the better. Your products and service transform homes and lives!

So, bye, bye, old school sales thinking. You’ll experience Modern Sales here. It incorporates science, psychology, connection and trust – the very things that make clients feel great about buying from you. And I’m sure we can all agree, nobody will ever miss the not-so-good-ole days of ABC’s (pound your fist as you read) Always. Be. Closing., or the gimmicky set-up for stress filled, win/loose sales pressure. Modern sales is transformational sales. Are you ready to experience a transformation?

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